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The Joshua Fire Department Citizens Fire Academy is a program designed to help citizens better understand the Department’s firefighting and rescue operations and the multitude of services it provides to the community. The course is ideal for citizens who are interested in gaining a unique view into the lives of professional firefighters and EMS personnel. In addition, the course provides useful and practical fire safety training for the home and workplace.

Participants have an opportunity to ride along on emergency calls with the Joshua Fire Department personnel and experience the world of emergency services through hands-on activities. The Citizens Fire Academy curriculum is divided into three areas: Classroom Participation, Hands-On Practical Training, and Live Fireground Activities. Every aspect of the Academy is voluntary, so if a participant prefers to observe rather than take part in a particular exercise, the experience is still made interesting and enjoyable.

If you are interested in participating in the Citizens Fire Academy course, please fill out an application form and watch the Station News on the Home Page for related announcements.

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